Milestones of the Province


14th Dec 1888  The origin of FCC
1st Mar 1973    FCC was raised to the Pontifical position.
1st Feb 1981   Kanjirapally Province started mission in Andhra Pradesh at Polavaram
1st July 1981    In collaboration with the capuchin fathers, we, FCC sisters started a  residential English Medium School for the tribal  children at Polavaram.                                                                                
28th July 1989 Blessing of Alphonsa Nivas Convent Irsumanda.Together with this English medium school and snake bite treatment also started.
11th Aug 1996 Blessing of Madhurawada convent. Sisters are teaching in St.Francis school run by T.O.R fathers.
8th March 1999   Foundation stone laid for a study house at Janampet.
12th June 1999 San Joe Mercy Home started as a house for physically handicapped children.
27th May 1999 Sisters started to stay in the quarters at Ukkunagaram and teaching in the CM fathers' school.
25th April 2000 Blessing of the Ukkunagaram convent
27th April 2000  Blessing of the house at Janampet
9th April 2002  Declaration of mission into Region. Blessing of the new chapel at Regional House Janampet. Rev.Sr.Elsis appointed as the new Regional superior
8th Jan 2003      Rev.Sr.Sancta appointed as the Regional Superior.
31st May 2003  Assisi Bhavan Denduluru started.
11th Nov 2006  Vestition and first profession of first batch who underwent formation in the mission.
7th Dec 2006 Rev.Sr.Celine Maria is elected as the Regional Superior.  
10th Sept 2007   Rev. Sr. Elsis the first Regional Superior passed away.
4th Oct 2008     Blessing of new mission house at Chenkal.
12th Oct 2008  Canonization of St.Alphonsa. Regional Superior Rev.Sr.Celine Maria and sisters those who work abroad participated in it.
30th June 2009  Blessing of first house in Odisha at Antharba.
20th Dec 2009    Rev.Sr.Celine Maria is re-elected as the Regional Superior.
13th Jan 2010    Mentally challenged school blessing at Denduluru.
11th June 2010   New convent building blessing at Denduluru.
15th June 2010 Two sisters started to teach in CM fathers' New De Paul School in Odisha at Brahmapur and they are staying at Gopalpur on Sea.
9th Aug 2012  Episcopal ordination of new Archbishop Rt.Rev.Dr. Prakash Mallavarapoo of Visakhapatnam Archdiocese.
10th Feb 2013 The joined council of General, Provincial and Regional took the decision to proceed the process of elevating the Region into a Province.
3rd Mar 2013 The first Provincial Synaxis. Rev. Sr. Celine Maria elected as the first Provincial Superior of San Thom Province Eluru.
4th Mar 2013   The Inauguration of the San Thom Province, Eluru.
16th June 2013 Blessing of new convent at Ambapua and sisters shifted from Gopalpur on Sea to this house.
25th July 2013 Episcopal ordination of new bishop Rt.Rev.Dr. Jaya Rao Polimera of Eluru diocese.
18th Dec 2013 Blessing of new building of St.Mary's English medium school at Denduluru.
14th Dec 2013 Assisi Bhvan Denduluru is raised as the novitiate house. First batch of novitiate started with 7 novices
14th May 2014

Silver Jubilee Celebration of Alphonsa Nivas Irusumanda

9th September 2015 Vestition and First Profession of 5 of our novices

9th December 2015 Election of new Provincial team. Rev.Sr.Joyce Treasa is elected as te new Provincial

10th May 2017 Blessing of new convent at Venkatagiri, Nellore Diocese

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