Healing Ministry

In A.P there are many grievous poisons snakes. When the poor villagers went to paddy fields for the works they usually get the snake bite. If they immediately admit the patient in our centre through low cost herbal medicine they will recover. Other wise the poison spread the whole body and the case become serious. We treated some chronic cases and they become cured. Even the other religious of the people believed that our Jesus Christ is the Almighty God and he is doing the miraculous works in curing the severe and serious cases. 

Free medical camp

With the collaboration of other hospitals, Diocesan Dental College, some famous resource persons we are conducting the medical camp. It is very useful for the poor and needy people of our locality and some far away places.

We invited qualified medical practitioners in herbal medicine to conduct training for all the 18 staff members in the month of September. Now the staff members have started training the villagers in growing herbal plants in their kitchen gardens and preparing herbal medicines. Now almost 80% of the families are taking interest in growing kitchen garden in which 40% of them are growing herbal plants. The staff has taken two trainings in preparing herbal medicines and now they are imparting the knowledge to select village leaders who are impressed by this cheap and effective remedial medicine for many seasonal diseases. 

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