In the starting time of our mission stations   we focussed our attempt to run a Tribal school. The people were illiterate and most of them belong to scheduled castes   and they were under the clutches of the Land Lords. They were not getting enough wages for their daily works. With the help of Integrated Tribal Development Agency (I.T.D.A) and under the request of the District collector we started a school at Polavaram and now it became first in the locality and the children are coming with flying colours.  Our sisters are working hard for the education of the children morally and intellectually. Through house visiting, free camps and classes the people are aware of the value of education. For grown up people we are giving adult education village wise. Now all are sending their children in the schools.

We started a mentally challenged school at Denduluru.  20 children are admitted. Even though they are mentally challenged they are physically handicapped also.  We are giving proper treatment, medicine, physiotherapy food and clothing.  They are happy with us and the parents of these children are also very happy to send these children in our school

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